Suspension at a working man's price.

Tired of your Harley bagger handling like a slouch? Cornering heavy? Feeling of insecurity
in the corners? Having to over compensate your steering in the middle of the corners?
Here is your solution.

After years of real world testing SBS Inc. is proud to launch a new premium performance
rear shock set designed specifically with the custom bagger world in mind. Finish options,
adjustable pre-load without the use of any tools, limited lifetime warranty and a reasonable
price will set these shocks apart from the rest in the industry.

The shock technology that we are using began in the Nascar, NHRA performance world
and has been brought over to the Harley family. Ride comfort, adjustable performance, and
great looks have been incorporated into a street performance shock available to the public.
You have seen them on the track and now you too can own a pair.

True mono-tube design with base valve and floating piston technology which ensures a
seamless transition from compression to rebound. This simply allows you the performance
that you want along with superior ride characteristics for the long haul. More aggressive
riding with less fatigue.

The shocks feature a low gas charge which allows the shock assembly to actually do it's
job rather than relying solely on the gas charge to dampen the ride.

The pre-load is fully adjustable through the cup rotation without using any tools. Riding
solo? Riding two up? Running the twists of the mountains? Running the long haul on the
interstate? Simply adjust the shocks to your type of riding that you will be doing that day.

These are custom made shocks which allow endless combinations of lengths and for any
combination that you want. The shocks are available from 13” to 11” lengths which allows
to you tailor the height of your bike.

Your satisfaction is important to us. The warranty has been kept very simple. For as long
as the shock set is owned by it's original purchaser, we will repair or replace it should any
defects in material or workmanship occur. Years of worry free riding.


Black on Black $599.00
Black on Chrome / Chrome on Black $649.00
Chrome on Chrome $699.00
Shocks available from 11" to 14" Standard Or Heavy Spring

Price Does Not Include S/H
TriGlide and Freewheeler 14"
Custom Shocks $699.00
Increased ride, handling, and easier
Dyno Tested and matched for balance and predictability.

True mono-tube design.

Balanced valving with a separate nitrogen gas chamber.
Low gas pressure and ultra-premium bushings and seals.

Aircraft quality aluminum and coatings.

Two year unlimited warranty.


Variable spring rate eliminates front end dive as well as topping out.

Our design easily absorbs high energy impacts, delivering greater ride comfort.

Low, mid and high speed valving design delivers improved performance, handling, and
reduces harshness.

Consistent corning at elevated speeds.

Rider fatigue is diminished greatly.
Performance Front Cartridge Kits For
Harley-Davidson Touring Models
Stock Height Or 1in
Std Height or 1" Lowered $699.00
(includes everything for assembly)

Std Height or 1" Lowered $699.00
(includes everything for assembly)

Price does not include shipping and handling
2013 and Earlier
Stock or 1" Lowered
( includes everything for assembly)

Price does not include shipping                     $699.00 Plus s/h
1" Lowered Front
Cartridge Kit
April Suspension
Sale. $100.00 Off. Get
Ready For
Dyna Fully Adjustable Performance Shocks
Variable rate spring for ride and control yet fully adjustable preload for any type
of use. Drag racing, cornering, or trick riding...we have you handled. Special
valving available at no charge. Black spring and bodies standard. Also available
in chrome bodies and red powdercoated springs at an additional charge.
11in to 13in available.
$599.00 Plus s/h
Ready for shipment and
immediate attention on
special orders.
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