SBS Inc. Vinyl Stickers For The Bike, Toolbox, or
Beer Chest. Grab a few and show your support.
3"X2" $5.00 ea or 3 for $10.00
10"X6" $6.00 ea or 3 for $12.00
Red White or Black....Your Choice
Chrome 10" SBS Inc. Now Available ...$7.00 ea
Call for sizing and purchases
Apparel For Sale
On The Way Soon. Keep An Eye Out. Long Sleeve T-Shirts,
Sweatshirts, Riding Jackets, Beanies, Can Coozies,  And A
Couple More Surprises
Contact us with any questions or if you wish to
purchase any product. Shipping of multiple items can
be combined.

(317) 691-2594              

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SBS Hoo Rags are in stock. Custom printed Hoo Rags
with the SBS logo. Be proud and let everyone know
Stock Bikes Suck
Never seen a Hoo Rag? Click on the link below to see how
this Hoo Rag will be one of your favorite things to wear.
Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry...You can use it everyday.
$15.90 Including S/H
Coolest hat on the planet. SBS inc.  
black or red embroidered large on the
front with the famous Stock Bikes Suck
on the inside of the bill. Full flex fit hat.
s/m or lrg/xlg
$30.00 ea
$8.00 S/H or free when combined
with another hat or T-shirt
ordered at the same time.
Men's T-Shirts. White or Black with the SBS inc. logo on the
front and the famous Stock Bikes Suck logo across the back.
Upgraded soft cotton shirts. $25.00 plus shipping or free
shipping with more than one shirt or hat combination.
Chaz Williams "Mr. Florida"
will tell you
Stock Bikes Suck
Check him out @ Team 360
Free Shipping on combination orders. Vintage shop rags available.   
Take a look at the bottom of the page for the new pinup art for the shirts.
$25.00 plus free shipping
option for the new Blue Heather
soft shirts. This sale is through
the month of
August only.
New hat designs on
the way. Stay tuned.
Neck print shirts
discontinued. Very
few available.
New Vintage Shop Rags

Great for the saddle bags. Old vintage
white shop rags with the SBS inc. logo
printed on them. Very cool to have with
you at any time.
$3.50 ea or 3 for $10.00
Free shipping combined with any other
merchandise order
Sold Out
Shipping is available in the lower 48 states only. Florida residence must pay Florida
state sales tax.
Pinup Logo Shirts on the way
The Pinup Art Is Done. Shirts Coming Soon. Short And Long Sleeve
Available from S_XXL. Larger Available Upon Request.
Preorders Available NOW! Contact Us Direct To Get
Yours On Order.